Cool Branding

Cool! Brands Out from The Crowd... It is something you immediately appreciate, like, and trust. There’s absolutely nothing like it in the industry. To many, it's a breath of fresh air or that much-needed, refreshing drink after a long day. It's a break from that cookie-cutter way of doing things.

Using our Cool Branding strategies, mixed with Fashion, and Music In our own unique style and fashion, we've succeeded in helping our clients get their messages out to the world. You're likely reading this because you too would like us is to help you, propel your product, or your service to the next level.


Your Voice

We will help you learn how to codify your brand’s “voice” so that you can scale without losing your identity and soul (HINT: this is key).

Identify your “Authority Amplifiers" to discover your brand’s mission, vision, and values… and how to position them in your messaging to build a lasting bond with your audience.

· Discover the key to finding an authentic voice that leads your competition's customers straight to your doorstep

Cool Strategy

Why Personal Branding and why NOW?

The short answer: branding, done the RIGHT WAY, is the most scalable way to generate more predictable revenue and grow your business. And frankly, if you’re not leveraging your brand to sell your products or services, you’re already behind.

The simple truth is that your customers won’t trust you if they don’t know you. By crafting your Brand Blueprint you’ll have all the tools you need to tell a compelling story about your business… Who you are and why your product matters over all the others.

Developing a cool brand is never easy, and in certain situations, it seems impossible. We work alongside you to achieve the success your brand deserves, it is precisely the possible that must be thought.

Customer Perception

If your brand isn’t answering your customers’ questions as soon as (or even BEFORE) they ask them, you’re just another noisemaker in an already LOUD and crowded marketplace. We can ensure you're perceived favorably using the resources and methods taught in our CoolBrandStorming workshops, you’ll walk away with a scalable plan that establishes you as THE voice of authority in your market.

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Results Matter

Having a cool brand identity doesn't just make your brand more memorable; it makes your brand more authoritative in the marketplace. A brand that establishes that cool factor, and maintains it consistently over time, develops credibility among its competitors and trust among its customers.

Our amazing team and associates would love to work with you, or your company to create that Cool Brand identity that will help you get incredible results.

Let's Brand Together

Personal Branding

Simply “showing up” and expecting the sale isn’t good enough anymore. Your customers want to know who you are, and why they should trust you over your competition. By crafting a voice for your brand one that outlines a clear mission, vision, and set of values your business can stand apart in a crowded market.

Personal Branding is crucial to your businesses. A strong brand will help you reach your target audiences more effectively and transform your business.

Leverage our “7-Point Brand Audit” process to optimize your overall branding strategy and ensure your messaging is consistent across the board.

Get off to an amazing start with a Brand Review

  • One Day BrandStorming session
  • 5 x Full Day 1-2-1 Branding Sessions
  • 7 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Calls
  • Social Media Launch & Content Creation

£12,995 Investment - Plus Business Class Travel.

Brand with us



This 6-month program is designed to develop a clear narrative that showcases the qualities and perspectives that make your company unique and interesting and establishes a structure for consistent messaging across all channels within your organization.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a “Brand Blueprint” that contains all the core assets you need to clarify your brand’s messaging and positioning, so you can attract your ideal customer and position your brand as the primary authority in your space.

  • Develop & Launch Branding Campaign
  • Social Media Content Creation & Management
  • Custom Website Creation
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Start building your brand with a Brand Review & Full Day BrandStorming session followed by...
  • 9 x All Day 1-2-1 Branding Sessions.
  • 1 x Full Day Masterminding Session
  • 12 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Calls

£24,995 Investment - Plus Business Class Travel.

Build your brand

Brand Optimization

This 9-month program is designed to ensure your brand becomes the go-to leading brand in your marketplace. By optimizing your Brand Blueprint you’ll have all the tools you need to tell a compelling story about your business… who you are and why your product matters over all the others.

  • 1 x Full-Day BrandStorming Session & Strategy Review.
  • 15 x All Day 1-2-1 or Group Branding Sessions.
  • 2 x Exclusive Marketplace Masterminding Sessions
  • Unlimited Coaching Calls
  • Professional Personnel & Product Photo Sessions
  • Professional Company Brand Videos
  • Print Ready Brand and Marketing Assets
  • Develop & Launch Branding Campaign
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Custom Website Creation
  • Additional Experiential Marketing and PR
  • Introduction to International Network
  • Regular Monitoring and Progress Updates
  • Accountability Program

£39,995 Investment - Plus Business Class Travel.

Optimize your branding


100 Million

We have created the coolest resource to get your brand message out to the world... It's educational, it's motivational, it's inspiring.

Every business person wants the best for their brand and this makes decision-making tough. It can increase your suspense level which affects your decisions. Before taking action it's better to get some advice. How better to do that than through listening to the wisdom of the leading thought leaders in your marketplace.

Have you ever wondered

Who's Listening?

We've become the Worlds #1 resource for Personal & Business Development strategies, tips, and training combined with music and Motivation. Now with over 100,000,000 streams in just a few years, we work with clients at the top of their game, producing personal and business performance-enhancing content. Our clients are learning to Dream more, Do more and Be more... WHY? Because we got their customer's attention, engaged with them creatively, provided a world-class service, and built long-lasting relationships.

We can do the same for your brand... Visit the link below to see how we did it.

Will They Get Your Message?

Ever needed to create cool content in a unique format? Ever been in the boardroom and all you can think about is getting your brand message out to a global audience, but you just don't have the means or apparatus to make it happen?

Listen carefully... Here at Cool Branding, we have the answers you've been looking for!

Have you ever wondered, how much and why companies pay TV or radio stations to advertise their products with catchy jingles & funky music in the background? It's because they know the information sticks in your head... So if they do it to sell you a can of beer or a luxury car, why not find out how we use a similar concept "Smoothe Mixx" to combine educational, motivational, or inspirational messages skillfully mixed with cool music to increase your brand visibility... You are a Rockstar! Let us help you Rock your World!

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For the Record

What people say when we leave the room

"Roy created the most powerful communication tool of the 21st Century. His service is outstanding. His creativity is tremendous"

"Jim Rohn:  Chairman -

"Roy's Smoothe Mixx is an awesome listening experience, it's also a fantastic training and memory tool"

Denis Waitley:  CEO -

"Roy's brilliant has the ability to motivate, educate and develop individuals at all levels from trainee to chief executive"

Phil Edwards: Managing Director SERCO PLC - Home affairs.

"Roy is a great person to do business with. His really cool concept took the Brand Evolution message to another level. It’s amazing how they took our one-day seminar and condensed the most critical information into a program that is both entertaining and educational. We are sending it to the UK’s FT 100 CEO’s and Corporate Executives.

"BJ Cunningham:  CEO - Brand Evolution

"Roy...... You ave a great idea with lots of potential, it's extremely creative and very innovative"

Lord Karan Bilimoria:  Chairman - Cobra Beer

“The Inspired Leaders Network focus is on business transformation, leadership, and corporate strategy, bound together with a compelling philosophy founded on my own board-level experience. Roy's concept is a great way to engage our target audience and hold their attention"

Rene Carayol:  CEO – Inspired Leaders Network

"That was a great - highly entertaining speech, Roy. It was so different we never expected anything like it. Our customers and partners were given a treat.

We have confirmed we would like you back to give a presentation at the next event"

Senior Executive: HP Compaq -USA

 "Enjoyed collaborating on international branding and business development with Roy. On a personal level, he is quite a funny guy, great to deal with, and a professional"

IBM Senior Executives  

"The spectacular motor racing event we attended organized by Roy was absolutely superb. Our executive team had such a great time, it was one of the best of its kind that we have attended"

Senior Executive: British Airways

"Roy's commitment and persistence to building a first-class relationship with the company is admirable. Not to mention his great ideas on personal branding"

Senior Executive: Coca-Cola Enterprises

"Roy is an excellent communicator, popular with people of all walks of life. His enthusiasm cannot help but rub off on all those around him.

I have always been impressed with his willingness to tackle difficult tasks and his determination to develop our brand get incredible results"

Managing Director: Envy

"Roy is the real thing, positive, persistent a real nice guy. Fun to work with, highly competent - he knows his stuff"

Marketing Director: Toshiba

"Roy I must thank you. Your strategic input to helping the company find the best way forward has been invaluable"

London Palladium

"Where you get your energy and determination I don't know. What you have done for the company is fantastic"

Marketing Director: O2

"It’s all ways a pleasure to talk with him. Roy’s personable manner won us over; the company would not have won the multi-million dollar order, or even been considered had it not been for Roy’s pleasant persistence, and his great business concepts, backed up with a quality product and service"

Senior Executive: GlaxoSmithKline

"Great speaker, Influential with our prospects and customers, he has a great ability to build relationships with all levels from Chief Executives down to middle management on both a domestic and international level. A dynamic personality, a tenacious character, he is a positive influence to all who he comes into contact with"

Vice President Marketing: Commontime

"Over the time I have known Roy, his confidence and determination combined with his great personality have impressed me.

After talking to Roy you always come away with great information and a big smile"

Senior Management: Dixons Retail PLC

“Roy's Smoothe Mixx Brand is Awesome, it takes the message to another level, it is culturally relevant, and the production was great. The concept fitted in perfectly alongside our world's leading artists”

Marcus Dawson: General Manager – Dexterity Sounds