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Book the Cool Branding Guy to speak at your next event

Special Rates for Speaking Engagements to Non-Profit Organisations and Youth Audiences

Looking for a speaker who will bring something different to your audience?  


You know that hiring a speaker can be a shot in the dark, Why not make sure you have someone who can give you cutting-edge information in a way that will make your group excited to learn and grow. For individuals and organizations that want to develop their brand at every level. You don’t just want a speaker; you want an expert on 'cool'... Roy Smoothe is rated as one of the most engaing speakers by many audiences.  We guarantee Roy wil deliver a dynamic presentation, filled with cool information that will put your team on the fast track to developing cool concepts, attracting personal and business success, creating confidence and brilliant branding.  That's why we bring him on to speak with greats such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Dennis Waitley, Darren Hardy, and the likes.


For more information:  Please contact Kyle Wilson directly at the address below... www.LessonsFromSpeakersBureau.com/RoySmoothe bureau - Or call us at:  817.421.7636

Positioned and developed correctly a great brand offers a means of generating sustained growth, enabling companies to charge a premium. Equally it defends against competition or assists a company to resist or bounce back from competitor attack.


Brands are key to a company’s long-term survival and market leadership. Accountants and auditors the world over calculate the value of brands when determining book values on the company balance sheets. In the case of strong brands, the brand can be 70% – 90% of the stock market value (intangible assets).

How you communicate with your branding is how people will perceive your business. How you show up as the business owner, team or representative is how they experience your brand personality.


Cool is the what that makes people stand up and take notice.


Don't underestimate the power of cool. All the major brands understand cool sells, cool engages, grabs their attention, holds their interest and grows customer loyalty.


Let's talk branding. It is fun and exciting to develop as you’re building a successful business. 

Roy talks and does Branding in his own unique style. He has worked with brand leaders on exciting projects, produced exceptional results and now travels the world delivering dynamic keynotes with cool presentations.